Saturday, 3 July 2010

114 The Arch, Pudsey

I broke my golden rule of not going out on a school night on Wednesday, by going out on a school night. It may be the heatwave, the long days or just the fact that the summer holidays are looming, but we accepted an invitation to 114 The Arch from G and V, in order to celebrate their anniversary. Can I remind you this was a WEDNESDAY?

114 The Arch is at the bottom of Richardshaw Lane in Pudsey. It serves modern British food, and does so very well. When we arrived, a Pinot Grigio blush was ordered at the bar – I like this – it’s not quite a rose, and not quite a white.

We were quickly seated and menus provided. Rather than a single price for each Item, there is a set price for two or three courses, with supplements added on for steaks etc. I seem to be seeing this menu system in more and more places recently – Diva Italiana does a similar thing!

A and I ordered mussels to start with – an excellent choice. They were served in a cider and pearl onion mariniere and were plump and tasty. A bit of a different sauce to the wine, garlic, onion and cream sauce they usually come with. The dish was served with a thick chunk of wholemeal bread which was great for mopping up the sauce. In fact, I made the mistake of thinking this would be a light first course– just a few mussels, won’t fill me up – when in fact with the bread, it is quite a hefty starter!

Main course was chicken, roasted in sage, thyme and lemon butter, in a pea and asparagus cream sauce and Parisienne potatoes. In addition, vegetables and potatoes are served to the table. The sauce was particularly lovely, and the tiny Parisienne potatoes were like mini-roasties.

Other dishes around the table included pork with French-style black pudding (A was in raptures with this one!)

and also fillet steak, cooked to perfection, according to G.

I was too full for a pudding but sticky toffee pudding was ordered by G and V, which looked great.

114 The Arch is a lovely place to go for a special dinner, (or on a Wednesday!)and they do a Sunday roast which I would like to try sometime. The food is tasty and well presented and is reasonably priced for good quality food.

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