Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Restaurant, Bar and Grill, Leeds city centre

The regular school friends’ lunch kicked off on Saturday with prosecco outside All Bar One. It was gorgeous weather, and Sarah T and I were making our way down our second bottle when H roared up in the Corsa, two dogs in the back and hubby driving. It’s great to get a lift into Leeds when you are running late! So two became three (sadly not four – the other school friend was at home with a bit of a head - we missed you Sarah H!)

We were intending to go on to Jamie’s Italian, but after some debate we decided we would quite like to eat outside (well, I did!), and settled on the Restaurant, Bar and Grill on City Square.

I have been to this place several times, always enjoyed it, but that was before I started this blog!

There were plenty of people enjoying food and drink in the sun when we arrived but we were quickly seated and the obligatory pinot grigio ordered.

For starter, I ordered asparagus. Apparently the English asparagus season started late this year due to the late cold weather we had. I always try to order it around this time of year, in a nod in the direction of eating “seasonal”. The asparagus was served with poached egg and hollandaise sauce, a classic combination, and a lovely light start to a meal.

Main course was a burger (I have been ordering this a lot recently!). This came with real chunky chips/wedges and what seemed like a homemade ketchup. All excellent. The only downside was I had to ask for mayonnaise twice! On the whole the service was good, though.

My companions had risotto and Thai green curry. The curry especially was a really good portion and H couldn’t finish it. She declared it very tasty, however.
We didn’t have pudding. The meal was fairly filling and we were ready to move on.

City Square seems to be a bit of a wind tunnel, maybe something to do with being surrounded by tall buildings. It is lovely, however, to have the opportunity to sit outside with lunch and a few drinks and lots of people were doing just that. The Restaurant, Bar and Grill isn’t cheap, but the food is consistently good quality and the restaurant inside is worth seeing – the old post office building with a huge ceiling and tasteful decor.

Anyway we moved on to Aire bar and sat by the river. Looks like everyone else had the same idea!

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