Saturday, 10 November 2012

Magpie Cafe, Whitby

Back in the Summer, me and A were effectively homeless, as we had sold our house and not bought a new one. This is part of the reason LeedsFoodLeads has “gone dark” over recent months, as we were busy looking for a house whilst living out of a few suitcases at Casa Parents. On the plus side, all the washing was done, living was cheap and we managed to get away for a few weekends.

One of the places we visited was the East Coast, with a 2 night deal at Raven Hall on the East Coast. It was all very Agatha Christie, as it was a weekend of heavy rain and thick fog. I half expected to trip over a body on my way to our room. In fact, Raven Hall is known for its sea views but we could have been anywhere, given that we couldn’t see anything. Despite this, I recommend the place – great food and breakfast and very “in the middle of nowhere”.

On the Sunday before our return we visited the Magpie Cafe in Whitby. Reviewed by both Jay Rayner and Michael Winner, and supposedly the best fish and chips in the country, I thought it deserved a visit and review from the lowly LeedsFoodLeads as well!

I have been to Whitby many times before, but have been put off by the big queue always forming outside the Magpie Cafe. This time, however, all was quiet and we got straight in. The menu is extensive – you can have every kind of fish imaginable, along with favourites such as Fish Pie. We decided to go with the traditional, and famous, fish and chips.

The fish was freshly battered and light. Proper fried chips were as they should be. A portion of mushy peas was served on the side. Accompanied by bread and butter and a pot of tea each, it was a classic British lunch! I can see why they have the good reputation they do.

The Magpie cafe is a series of small rooms on a number of floors. Tables are packed in but not too much – I didn’t experience any elbows in my face.