Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds City Centre

This place used to be The Courtyard, which I remember vaguely as a place that played loud dance music and wasn’t really for us “student types” in the 1990s. Now it seems to be a far more relaxed bar that does good food. It also probably has the best outdoor area in Leeds.

It was a “work do” out on Friday, and a chance to sip a few pinots and relax after a hard week. We ended up outside in the courtyard, as they have bench tables – great for large groups – and those big patio heaters.

We ordered some of the sharing plates. The Meat Platter contained mini-burgers (or “sliders” as they are known in America), chicken, lamb kebabs and fries.

The Vegetarian Platter was a mix of falafel burgers, fried courgettes, halloumi cheese, pitta, houmous and tzatziki.

Some of the blokes in the group ordered the burger, and I have to say they looked pretty substantial! Good reports all round.

The Pinot Grigio on offer was nice and I had a few glasses. It was lovely having a drink, eating food and chatting. It kind of reminded me of being in the famous beer gardens of Munich a few years ago (although it was a bit colder!)