Monday, 19 July 2010

Pizza Express, Glasshoughton

A good friend of mine once said “There is no food that cannot be improved by adding cheese”. There is a something about this that rings true. A burger is improved by a slice, a ham sandwich is improved by adding cheddar and a steak can be complimented with a Roquefort sauce.

But some things MUST have cheese on them, and one of those things is pizza. So I ordered a Four Seasons, described as four different quarters: 1st with mushrooms, 2nd with pepperoni, 3rd with anchovies and the 4th with mozzarella, these ingredients are not mixed. What I didn’t realise was that this meant that the cheese was limited to the cheese quarter. So the rest of the pizza had tomato, topping and NO CHEESE. This is the first time I have been outsmarted by a pizza menu. Hopefully it will be the last.

Pizza Express is a good chain and their pizzas are usually lovely. The service is friendly and efficient. This was a goodbye meal for a work colleague so the company was excellent (we will miss you, B!) I just ordered the wrong pizza.

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