Saturday, 27 August 2011

Lucia, York

The schoolfriends’ lunch with a difference was last Saturday. It was different because I am turning forty and this was an opportunity for us to lament this fact coupled with prosecco, pinot and some good food.

Originally there were just three of us, and the day kicked off predictably with my train being cancelled and having to meet the girls in York, instead of on the train as originally planned. (This exact same thing happened the last time we went to York, but that time they wouldn’t let me on the train because it was full of Xmas shoppers of something, or maybe they just wouldn’t let me on the train!)

Anyway, it emerged that our fourth member had had a last minute re-organise and surprised me by turning up! The other two were in on it, of course, whereas I was oblivious to furtive texting and last minute changes to arrangements. I would make a terrible spy.

So we all tripped off to Lucia and waited for one of their patio tables. The restaurant doesn’t take bookings but we didn’t have to wait for long. The place seemed very popular with lots of diners sitting outside in a very pleasant courtyard.

Lucia does a bit of everything; I suppose you could call it Mediterranean. Some of it is typical Italian – pasta, risotto, along with a range of small plates, with a hint of a Spanish theme in the options.

I ordered the mussels to start, which came in a garlic cream sauce.

I had three tapas dishes for main – a smoked salmon salad, pate and meatballs. A bit of a strange mix, you might think, but I just decided to order my favourite things! All dishes were well presented and good value. The others had pasta and risotto for main and all gave good reports.

Smoked salmon salad

We got through a couple of bottles of pinot and the bill worked out at a reasonable £25 each.

Lucia would be easy to miss in York. It is on Swinegate Court East, just off Swinegate. I would recommend it for a varied menu and good value. The outdoor courtyard is great in the summer and the food is of a good standard.

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  1. I love this place I happened to stumble across it this summer when trying to look for a restaurant that wasn't a chain and served good food with a great atmosphere.