Friday, 22 April 2011

Kobe, Horsforth

Kobe is part of the Arc Inspirations group which also owns, among others, Napa in Roundhay and the Arc in Headingley. The great thing about Kobe in Horsforth is that they have a brilliant outdoor area, with chairs, tables and booths. The area is covered and is great for sitting out on a warm day and enjoying a drink or a meal. We did both!

Food is ordered at the bar and waiters bring it to the table. Service is efficient and friendly.

I chose the chicken and chorizo salad with green beans, new potatoes, sweet peppers and a poached egg. There seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment of putting poached eggs with different things. Recently I have had it with salad and in a soup! I am enjoying this trend. I like eggs (despite getting salmonella poisoning in the late 1980s when it was very fashionable!).

The salad was served with some strips of pitta bread, which was great for mopping up the egg yolk.

Kobe seems to be popular for food at lunchtime. The outdoor area was busy and lots of people were eating. Not surprising really – a good bar and nice food!

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