Saturday, 15 January 2011

Aglassto, Leeds city centre

After reading about it on Leeds Grub, I was determined to give Aglassto a try. It is quite difficult when you don’t work in Leeds city centre to keep up to date with the latest openings in the city. But due to this place seemingly focusing on wine, I couldn’t resist much longer.

On entering the bar, we were immediately welcomed by the barman, and invited to try some wines we were interested in. I had read online that they offered an English wine, produced in Kent, and so was quite interested to try it. Not to my taste, sadly, too fruity - a shame because I would really like to support the British wine making industry. Psycho Psu tried a Spanish white rioja, which I thought was lovely. So I ordered that. Psycho Psu was sorely tempted by the Sancerre by the glass on offer, so we were sorted.

Aglassto is a small bar, with rustic wood and a feature traditional fireplace. An old upright piano is the first thing you see when you walk in and I love the thought of people plonking themselves down and banging out at tune. Sadly my musical talents are limited to knowing the lyrics to the complete works of Abba (in English and in Spanish – go me!) but this is not going to cut the mustard in public!

We could quite happily have sat at the bar drinking wine all day. The barman was outstanding – he really knew his stuff and was a friendly bloke. In a discussion about music, I commented that the only new music I have really got into in the last five years was the Mumford and Sons album (due to great age, getting into any music post-1993 seems like such an effort these days!) Some minutes later, the lovely banjo and guitar of Mumford and Sons was playing in the bar. Now that is service!

Okay, so we didn’t have food – Aglassto does a range of tasting plates and sandwiches. Okay, this is a food blog and maybe I shouldn’t be mentioning my wine drinking sans food. But, bloody hell, Aglassto is good at what it does and is well worth a post. I will eat something next time.


  1. Aglassto were the drinks partner at the culture vulture event on fri, I'm not drinking all jan so couldn't try any wine, they do wine tasting events there so I'm definitely going to try that.

  2. Heard a LOT of very good chatter about Aglassto of late. Will have to visit...!

  3. I enjoyed this place too- i wrote a similar review!!

    Glad to come across another Leeds foodie. Will keep up with your blog!